What Drives You? Purpose Before Profits 💰


This is a quick-hitter blog post, designed to refuel or recenter your purpose - depending on where you currently are in this conversation! 

Look, making a massive income and taking tons of vacations are freaking great. But if that is your primary purpose, then every single mom and dad in your community will sniff that out in a hot second and NOT bring their kids to see you. 

If you want a thriving Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Practice then you've got to get your priorities and purpose in the right order. 

If you got into this primarily to make a ton of money and have a ton of time off, then PI and Peripheral Neuropathy are for you - not Peds and Family.  

Enjoy this 90-second "rant" my friend we pulled out from one or our Tuesday PX Membership Zoom Trainings! 


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