Output = Input

Not sure if you've noticed this trend, but currently it seems like all yoga 🧘‍♀️ teachers and massage therapists now double down as "life coaches" and counselors. They often do a lot of talking and sharing of various mindsets and principles as they do their thing 😝 . 

Often times the message floats right on by for me as I've got plenty of positivity and empowerment floating around in my own crazy brain 🧠 , but this past weekend our rockstar instructor kept talking about the "principle of exchange" and how what you put out into the world 🌎 , and what you put forth in terms of effort... is exactly equal to what you put back in. 

Couldn't agree more. 

(And real quick, yes as I approach the old 4-0 my friends... I've "exchanged" a lot of my barbell 🏋️‍♂️ time for time on my yoga 🧘‍♂️ mat instead, living that #lululife I guess! 😝 )

Alright, let's bring this to your practice and purpose of serving kids 👶, pregnant 🤰 mamas, and full families! 

Output = Input

It's the most certain thing I've noticed in our 13 years of practice. When we are on fire 🔥 with our energy, events, and patient experience action... everything is on fire 🔥 in return! We are living this example right now actually... as for way too long we let the Covid BS steal some of our mojo, and we got complacent. Then this January, we simply had had enough... we brought the fire 🔥 back in all it's forms! 

We launched LIVE, in-person Perfect Storm Workshops 🎙 and other talks again! We went full force 💥 into in-person networking and community connections again! And we doubled down on our Social Media 📲 output and engagement! 

The result?

66 New Connections (Patients) so far just in February!

Now, why take all this time to share my yoga instructor's recent mantra with you... because it's the way your Marketing, Conversions, Team, Systems, and Retention all work too.

  • Don't put enough "outputs" into your community with Branding and Marketing 📣 (networking, talks, events, social media posts, ads, etc.), you can't expect many inputs 
  • Don't put enough "outputs" of connection, authenticity, empathy, science, and value 💰  into your Day 1 & 2 process, you can't expect many inputs (85%+ starting care)
  • Don't put enough "outputs" into your ongoing patient education via table talk, text 📲 and email 📧 campaigns, workshops, events, social media, etc, you can't expect much in the way of inputs (referrals and retention)
  • Don't put enough "outputs" of energy, caring, training 📝, empowerment, and connection to your team, and you can't expect much in the way of inputs (productivity and GSD)

It really is the most true and perhaps basic principle - that of exchange 🔁. What you put out to the world, is what it returns to you. So if you currently don't have the level of New Patients, Conversions, Referrals, Retention, and BA Team happening inside your practice... look "inward" at yourself first and figure out where you need to up YOUR "output" game! 


Where your energy and outputs go, your practice and purpose grows. 

YOU (and your team) are in charge of your practice's growth. It happens no other way. 

Get. After. It. 



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