The #1 Reason Parents Do (or do NOT) buy 💰 Pediatric Chiropractic


The #1 thing we all love to do as Pediatric Chiropractors (talk about it 24/7) is NOT the very first thing  you need to be doing when communicating with parents in your community, or on a Day 1 Consult. 

We all need to stop 🛑 trying to jam the science, art, and philosophy down their throats right out of the gates... and first take the time to listen 👂, connect, and lead with empathy. 

You do that, you "win" and convert the pediatric patient under care every single time. 

Skip that step and go right to the fire hose 🔥 of spewing science and scripts all about how amazing chiropractic is, how it works, etc. first... and you convert very few. 

It's the "order" of things that matters most! 

Don't worry doc, you still get to nerd out 🧠 on them... just AFTER you make that empathetic, emotional connection 🤗 first. 

Watch this short video blog by Dr. Tony to learn a monster mistake you likely are making nearly every single time you chat with a parent about Pediatric Chiropractic! 


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