“If can help even one family, it will be worth it.”

People are wired to help other people. And yes, society can give us many reasons to become skeptical of the help offered, especially in our world of Perfect Storm cases that have been through hell and back. They’ve tried every therapy, various procedures, meds…you name it.

We sometimes used to say that we should answer the 📞 phone with “welcome to the last resort” because we knew that families had likely exhausted every option before they got to us, but the tide has turned.

An incredible by-product of the care and healing that our patient's experience is the empowerment they feel and their love of chiropractic. 🙌This is how we create chiropractic evangelists. I have yet to meet a mom whose child was healed that didn’t want to share their experience. They’re ready to shoot it from the rooftops.

This incredible mom, Nicole, shared her son Cole’s story for the first time at the Perfect Storm a few weeks back. They started as an Intensive family at PWC and continued with PX doc Scott Elliott at Bloomwell Chiropractic back home.

She said, “If I can help even one family, it will be worth it.”

And just like that, another ✨HOPE DEALER✨emerges from the Storm.

Jacqui 💗


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