The Hierarchy of Health + Healing 🧠


As a profession, we get so frustrated 😠 when parents turn to the pediatrician 👩‍⚕️ and medications 💊 first. But let's be honest, what does the majority of our own profession turn to first when a tough case comes up? 

Chiropractic adjustments 🙌 of course is the answer, right? Oh how I wish 😡 😞 . 

Just like a pediatrician who continues to throw out antibiotics and steroids for every respiratory infection 🦠  gets under my skin, so does this sad reality our profession faces - when push comes to shove 50% or more of us turn to primitive reflexes and probiotics before principled chiropractic and slaying subluxations. 

Not good. 

I just finished going through the last 15-20 posts in our Pediatric Chiropractic Today Facebook Group that had a chiropractor looking for help with a case clinically, either a patient or their own child. What I found was that in just over 50% of the responses, our very own profession recommended these docs try something besides dialing in deeper, more specific, and more advanced into the art of chiropractic adjusting. 😡 😞 

Now I know for those that don't know me all that well, this probably sounds like a "straights vs. mixer" argument brewing... with me on the "straights" side of the supposed chiropractic coin. 

I assure you, it is not. 

It's simply science 🧠 . Healing has a hierarchy, and it starts with the central and autonomic nervous system. 

No other profession besides ours is better positioned to know that, and apply that. Yet over half of us are now trained through "advanced" training programs and seminars to check "something else" first, and start there.

The other day I fielded an awesome question from one of our BA PX Docs that reminded me to take them through this "Hierarchy of Neurological 🧠 Health + Healing" once again. The docs in attendance were blown away 🤯 by how simple, accurate, and effective this is both clinically, and with our communication. 

While it's a recording from inside our PX Membership, I'm just obsessed with helping that other 50% of our profession get back to not just our roots of chiropractic principles and science. But then in turn, get far better results with their Pediatric and Perfect Storm 🌪 patients - who deserve and need exactly this! 

So this one is FREE for all! Please watch, apply in practice each day, and share! 



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