How to Make a Facebook Post Go Viral 🔥


This was straight fire 🔥 that you'll want to block out time ⏰ , and watch in full - every single minute! 

Dr. Touhill is the Impact, Influence, and Social Media Strategy wizard 🧙‍♂️ for Dr. Josh Axe and now Dr. Tony and PWC/PX as well, so his ideas 💡 , strategies, and systems 📂 don't just have theory to them... they have absolute proof 💪 . 

On this Facebook Live done in our Pediatric Chiropractic Today Facebook group, they discuss the 3 Steps 📝 (and many "essential elements" within those steps) on how to make a Facebook Post Go Viral 🔥 ! 

When Levi the Legend's family and story got connected to Dr. Tony, it wasn't just that one awesome element that led to the 54,000 Engagements, 4.1K Comments, and 2.6K Shares and insane Page Growth... it was the fact that the Influence & Impact "pump ⛽️ was primed" and ready to explode 🤯 BEFORE all this came about! 

This level of impact, reach, and life-saving action for kids everywhere is NOT just for Dr. T and PWC... it's absolutely available for EVERYONE in Pediatric Chiropractic right now since the demand and desire from parents EVERYWHERE is at unheard of levels. 

They are DONE with the doctor 👨‍⚕️ , and READY for you. 

Are YOU ready for them? 


Just one of the posts about Pediatric Chiropractic that went to this level: 

Growth of our Dr. Tony Ebel Facebook Page:

PWC Chiropractic Facebook Page Growth in one week: 


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