Going from Good to Great with Your Team

Last week I took time to reflect 🤔 and plan to be more effective as a leader and team member this year. As I made notes and recounted wins and tough spots… I continually came back to one thing. The effectiveness of our team, how far we can go, and how big of an impact 💥 we can make is directly related to Giving to Grow!

For many, me included, this takes some leaning into. And while a person can feel justified in “just doing it myself,” the bottom line is we hold ourselves, our team, and our practices back from so much when we do that.

Yes, when you’re in growth mode 📈, we can often resist “slowing down” to delegate or empower team members properly, fearing that we will lose momentum or all the many other things we tell ourselves.

But what if this was an opportunity to learn a really important lesson? One that we ourselves needed to learn or re-learn?

Below ⬇️ you will find a massive lesson learned from a year ago that is just as true now as it was then.

I’m so grateful for the lessons our teams TEACH US that help the collective to grow to greatness. 🙏 All these years into this gig, I’m blown away- daily, by the excellence that Care Teams display.

A huge lesson for our team has been that team members are great when you let them be great. 💥So often, we are stuck in ‘Perfection Paralysis,’ waiting way, way too long to hand off tasks or move someone's seat on the bus to a more fitting one because we are afraid. Afraid it won’t get done “right”, afraid that others don’t care as much as we do, afraid that if we let a task/role go onto someone else's plate that it will somehow be a threat to our significance on the team.

These are lies.💀 Truth is, your team is dying for their chance “at bat.” They're more than ready for that role that you’re a little hesitant about giving up and they care more than you know about quality and excellence. Even better, they’re going to freaking crush it! 💯 We absolutely must GIVE TO GROW!

Intentionally focusing on this simple shift has moved the needle with our work quality and productivity more than any other action step we have taken!

We go from GOOD to GREAT in our collaboration; it’s ON 2023!!!!


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