Essential 6 Part Follow-Up Process to Drive More Care Plans

Our practice has noticed over the last 6-12 months that some families need another day or two to decide which payment option they prefer to use when starting care. When this began, we took a step back to look at our processes and procedures to assess if we had a breakdown somewhere that caused this.👀

When we took a look, what we found was not that we were converting less or that we were providing a subpar experience. Patients come in with more lit-up, stressed, and subluxated scans than ever before. We are giving more care. These larger care plans are essential to getting them the results they’re looking for. And while they’re all in for that, they sometimes need more time to deliberate and sort out logistics.

They needed us to follow up to help them get started.

This was a crucial notice for us. This meant that we needed to be even more impeccable with our follow-up and that we needed more “whos” rocking here to be more effective here.

What does an incredible follow-up experience look like?

  • At the ROF, if the family is not ready to move forward, set up a time to follow up within 48 hours. Mutually agree upon the time and day then…MAKE SURE YOU CALL ON TIME!!! If they prefer text, the same applies. We like to say “check in with you” when we talk about the follow-up.
  • The Financial CA who did the ROF is the ideal person to follow up with them. If they’re not in, ensure the team member who makes the call is up to date on all important information, including how the ROF went, questions they had, and any relevant family dynamics.
  • Follow up in the spirit of service, NOT selling. Offer an opportunity to help them start, answer questions and share your excitement about them getting started.
  • If they do not answer, leave a warm and hopeful message and ask for a return call. Record the call day and time, and communicate that with your team. Determine who’s doing the next follow-up.
  • Be a helper, not a stalker. We have a two-call limit. Once we have called twice with no return, we leave it there. We will occasionally also email, but 1 email and 2 calls with no return is plenty. Don’t be awkward.
  • If there is no return contact, after all, follow up, don’t lose hope. Many families will reach out after a few weeks and be ready to roll!!

It has been so awesome to see how, with a few small tweaks, the fruit we are bearing here is better than ever!! Impeccable follow-up is just as important as every other part of our process to make their experiences incredible and yet another amazing example of Who Not How!💪

As you learned above, follow-up is crucial to get your patients on a care plan that's right for them.

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