Creating a Vision Worth Pursuing

“Meaning is found by taking action toward a vision, not by accomplishing that vision.” — Donald Miller

Far too many chiropractors settle for a vision that is more watered down and scaled back than what is truly in their heart ♥️ and soul, simply because when they share their REAL vision with others… it gets discounted and dismissed.

The most common example is when a young chiropractic startup has a vision for seeing kids, pregnant moms, and entire families in a crazy, fun, subluxation-based, all-cash model. 

But then, they are told by traditional professors and chiropractic coaches that to ‘make it’ and pay back all their school loans, they need to ‘accept’ a model focused on back pain, neck pain, headaches, rehab, modalities, and the woeful insurance 🧾 game instead.

Many who accept that practice model are successful in terms of stats and financial figures, but they struggle to find real meaning and purpose.

A lovely house, a rad sports car, and a big boat all make for a lot of fun… but not necessarily a lot of meaning.

The most badass thing about chasing the vision that God places on your heart is that when you go after it fiercely enough, you’ll not only make a massive impact 💥 in this world… but you’ll have plenty of ROII (Return on Impact + Income 💰) to live a bigger life than you ever could have dreamed as a result of it all!

We’re going after the BIGGEST vision ever amassed in chiropractic, to put Pediatric + Family Chiropractic as the FIRST choice for millions of families, and we invite you to join us! Nothing brings more meaning, purpose, and joy to your life, like serving kids + families each day!


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