Care Planning for Neurology, Not Symptoms


Parents want us to help them with _______.

Truthfully fill in the blank with any condition!

When first stepping foot in your office, I guarantee you they are NOT thinking to fill in the 'blank' with “helping the nervous system.”

It's important to listen to their symptoms and understand the systems that are struggling. These symptoms can provide insight into the larger system of the nervous system.

Lean in and listen in to those symptoms 💩🤢🤕🤧, because they are a window to the systems that are struggling. And those systems a gateway to the big system - the nervous system 🧠!

Here’s the “cheat code” 🔐 in all this… listen, analyze, and learn the symptoms (story) but always care plan for the neurology!

This Teaching Tuesday, we will be discussing three key principles for effective care planning. By focusing on neurology and keeping things simple, we can achieve powerful results for parents who are dealing with specific conditions. These principles will help to address subluxations and leave parents feeling ready for their care.



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