The PX Care Plan Value Ladder 🪜

This 17-minute training video our amazing Peds, Prenatal, and Family Profession really needs! Can't wait to have this video help you HELP THEM MORE 🔥 !!!
This will help you:
  • Get UNSTUCK from talking symptoms 🤧, conditions, diagnoses only
  • Get UNSTUCK from talking (and examining) the spine 🦴, muscles, posture, etc. only
  • Get parents to see 👀 way past just their child's problems and to their potential ✨
  • Get full families 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 converting to lifetime wellness care left and right
  • Move you to a 💯 all cash 💰 practice, completely free of the insanity and worthlessness that is insurance

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