The Truth Behind Building and Growing a Pediatric-Focused Practice

Building and growing a pediatric-focused practice is far more difficult initially than building a pain-based practice. Key 🔑 word there — initially.

95% of chiro school curriculums and 95% of coaching and management systems know the pain-based, insurance-dependent model only.

Combine that with the unfortunate reality that for now, 95% of the population thinks of chiropractors primarily for back and neck pain as well, and we’ve got quite the conundrum if we want to really serve kids and build an actual family practice one day!

That’s why so many get stuck in the pain-based practice model — it’s easy.

The Peds-First model we train our tribe on inside The Pediatric Experience Membership and Live Seminars requires a lot of work upfront.

  • Your certainty 💊 needs to be an 11 out of 10
  • Your communication skills need to be an 11 out of 10, using empathy âĪïļ, trust, and science 🧠 instead of scripts and sales
  • Your clinical results must truly be at ‘Expect Miracles’ level, able to slay subluxation in an easy wellness infant ðŸ‘ķ and difficult spectrum or seizure case all the same
  • Your brand and marketing can have even a hint of back pain, PI, and spinal ðŸĶī based verbiage (“scrub the spine”)
  • Your team and systems have to be ðŸ’Ŋ designed for busy families, built on efficiency and convenience at every turn.

Once you establish that brand, that trust, and start to create those miracles âœĻ in your community… EVERYTHING gets easy.

  • Parents sign themselves and other kids up for care within 30 days to 3 months max
  • Moms tell 10 other moms about your practice within 10 minutes of leaving (group text ðŸ“ą time!), and then post on Facebook and Instagram and share it with 1000 more
  • Parents do whatever it takes to find the time and finances 💰 to get care for their family when you not only meet but EXCEED the value with 5-Star ⭐ïļ Patient Experiences

The PX Style practice is one that isn’t going to be easy right out of the gates, but once you work your way through the training and action we layout step-by-step for you… all of a sudden you wake up to the practice of your dreams, growing and exploding ðŸ”Ĩ faster and easier than you ever even knew was possible!


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