5 Steps to Massive Influence & Impact

This one will speak right to the heart ❤️ of those who are especially mission-minded and purpose-driven, looking to achieve big things 🔥! Doubling down on that, it will especially speak to you if you want to achieve those big things not for your own personal gain, but in order to massively impact kids 👶 and families in your community.

If you're in it for you more than them, you won't make it very far down this list 📝 before you run out of ⛽️. This takes work, commitment, consistency.

Our practice is going through some insane growth 🔥 again over the last few weeks to months, and this morning it had me reflecting on exactly what 'steps' it took to get here over the last 10+ years. I wanted to share them, because it's my hope and dream to see so many of you not only take them... but take them faster, better, stronger 💪 than we did so that you can impact and influence even more kids and families!

So, here goes:

1️⃣ - Adjusting 🙌

While of course I studied for exams and boards during school, those were just must-do's. The obsession early on was always on learning to adjust 🙌 like none other, with precision, speed, accuracy, and perfect tone each and every time. While massive impact and influence for your patients actually doesn't begin with this, but rather ends (read on to make sense of that)... this is where our impact truly resides, so it's interesting that for most of us our journey starts with it.

2️⃣ - Science 🧠 

For me, I actually had worked for 2+ years on the 'art' of chiropractic (adjusting 🙌 ) before I really had any clue about the actual science behind exactly that. It wasn't until my buddy Steve handed me Dr. Chestnut's book halfway through chiro school, and then I attended a Dr. Dan Murphy weekend seminar that I figured out the exact real science 🧠 behind subluxation, and thus the adjustment. And man, once I had certainty in not only our Art & Philosophy... it was full fire 🔥 breathing forward motion for me from there on out!

3️⃣ - Business 👨‍💼 

As I got closer to graduation, and knowing my wife and I both came from entrepreneur families, we knew we'd open our own practice - we just didn't have the first clue on how. So, we paid 💰 a business coach and we gained access to all sorts of experience and knowledge about systems, procedures, and so forth. We invested the money here before we "had it" and it was the best move we ever made, because without a growing and successful practice, how much impact and influence was I really going to make with all that skillset and knowledge around adjusting 🙌 and science 🧠 ? 

4️⃣ - Marketing & Communication 🎙 

Like most, when we broke the business stuff down, it was these elements that proved most difficult to learn, master, and scale. But oh man when you do, look out 🔥 ! We were blessed to get very strong and successful in not just traditional marketing and practice growth moves like professional networking, talks, and workshops... but as soon as social media 📱 came to light, we jumped on it! Now we've got every element of marketing and communication dialed in, and while it's a behemoth of a system that is constantly evolving and changing, it's the first key 🔑 step in being able to create massive influence and impact. Because if that mom and dad don't first hear 👂 about our work, it can't help them. 


5️⃣ - Team Building & Leadership 🤝 

It was a blast building our practice to serving 400-500 a week that first year or two pretty much just my wife and I, and then it wasn't. We needed help, helping others. Our first many hires and attempts at building a team were some serious swings and misses. At first of course we blamed the others on our team, the cardinal mistake of leadership... and then finally figured out the problem. We sucked at leading. We hadn't studied it, been mentored or coached in it, nothing. So now the past many years we devour every book 📚 and podcast 🎙 on leadership, attend conferences, and are in an incredible mastermind focused on creating more impact and influence through leadership! 

How do YOU get the most out of these 5️⃣ steps and this long, detailed email?

Simple, find out where you're most subluxated (weak, struggling) and follow these steps: 

  1. Find a mentor and/or model of success in this specific space 
  2. Commit to working on improving it for a period of 3 months to 3 years 

Yes for many of them, 3 years is easily applicable here - these are huge rocks 🪨 and key 🔑 elements to success for all of us! 

If you need help from myself or PX, simply ask -- we've got advanced, applicable online and in-person training for each of these 5️⃣ key steps just a URL or two away! Email us at [email protected] with any and all questions, and we'll send you in the right direction! 

Every Kid Counts! 

Dr. Tony Ebel & Team PX


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