5 Must Know Tips on Associates and a Kick Ass Group Doc Practice

1 - Don't Wait and Be Late

So many of us wait until we are about 500 miles past the burn out and exhaustion stage, where we're too busy to even see straight... and then 3 years later after that hire our first associate. 😝 

This leads to being so overwhelmed and busy upon hiring, that you have no time and energy to immerse, support, and train the new doctor. They won't work out, you blame them (not you)... and the burn out and frustration cycle continues. 

Don't be cheap. Invest early and often, and your growth 🚀 will never be slowed or stopped! 

2 - Don't Pay 💰 Poorly 

This is a huge, direct reason why this profession continues to stay smaller than it should. We limit ourselves with poor, awful business decisions. 

There is no greater potential you can invest in than another amazing subluxation slayer to saddle up alongside you and serve! Stop 🛑 paying them a low salary, giving them a dry spine and screening kit, and sending them to Costco each weekend so they can "hit their huge bonus" BS by getting New Patients (see next point)! 

Pay them well, train them well, resource them well, and they will do well and stay for a long time. Many for life. 

Our new associates come in and start adjusting 🙌 hundreds of patients per week right away! They've got to be first class adjusters to start, and they become masters in a matter of months as a result of this system. It's so freaking rad to see them grow and become Jedi's so fast 💨 !  

3 - Don't Expect Them To Get New Patients Right Away

Yet another massive subluxation here that jams up 80-90% of associate relationships! You hire them as an associate, treat them like an independent contractor. 

Marketing and communication are hard. Once you learn the craft, the adjusting aspect of our job is cake 🎂 compared to marketing, communicating, and building a practice. 

Let them have the cake 🍰 first, and stop whining about it. They don't "owe you" New Patients, and they aren't any good at getting them right out of the gates either. So why put the success of their position almost entirely dependent on the one thing they are most likely to struggle with? It's literally the definition of ass backwards, and it holds our profession back! 

Train them to adjust 🙌 and slay subluxations like a boss, so they can free you up even more to do the thing you've clearly become pretty good at it if you now need an associate to keep up - marketing and communicating! 

This one is so simple, but so backwards for most setups. 

4 - Hire and Match on Core Values and Character Over All Else! 

They are doctors. They can learn a new technique or system quickly, but people rarely change their true colors. 

For us having people who are heart-centered, hard-working, humble, grateful, and have copious amounts of situational awareness are an absolute must. We can teach and equip the rest, but we won't spend time trying to clear out an inflated ego or entitlement. 

They've got to be on mission, obsessed with the vision, and a 💯 match on our core values. No exceptions here.

If somehow this isn't the case and they sneak by and get in, or things change and they lose the vision and values... they are shown the door. 

It doesn't matter how productive they are near as much as it matters who they are.  

5 - Put Nearly 💯 of Your Focus on Leveling Up Your Leadership Skills and Never Look 👀  Back! 

Yep, first you had to learn how to adjust 🙌 and get results. Then you had to learn how to market, communicate, install and run systems, deal with 100 business things every day, etc... and now, you're NOT done . 

Most of us step into Leadership before having ever even read one book on it or listened to a single podcast. Let alone be fully trained and mentored by a Leadership Program or something similar. 

So even if you find and hire the perfect associate, have the perfect systems, structure, pay, etc... if you are not an ideal, high level leader... it all goes to poop 💩 . 

The success an associate is FAR MORE dependent on the success of the Leader/Owner than anything else. 

Your ability to hire, train, empower, equip, resource, hold accountable, communicate, inspire, etc. is where the success of failure of this relationship lies most! 

But for so many the associate doesn't work out for all 5 or at the very least #5 of these reasons, but the blame is almost always past to the associate. If that happens, no learning or lessons or improved leadership actually happen... and the cycle repeats. 

Trust me. Been there, done that. 

I was a Level 0 Leader when I got started. I had to get burned and feel that pain to finally step up and seek out help. To finally study, learn, and get mentored in leadership. 

Of course I wanted the easy route instead. I wanted it to just magically happen without me taking on a whole new craft and skillset of leadership, and I wanted that magical easy life filled with time off and less stress. 

That's BS. You earn your time off and decreased stress as you level up your leadership. Work harder on yourself than you expect them to, and they'll model you. As you grow in your role as a leader, they'll be inspired and equipped to grow in their key 🔑 role on the team! 

I've made plenty of mistakes. We've failed plenty of times. Each of them was absolutely crucial to leveling us up and teaching us what we needed to know to do better going forward. 

We've fixed it forward. And now, it's freaking heaven ⭐️ ! 

We've got a team of 5️⃣ additional heart-centered, hard-working, humble, grateful, subluxation-slaying, hope dealing kid chiros at PWC! We are growing like mad, having a blast, and so stoked for the future! Soon it will be 1️⃣0️⃣ docs, then 20. Then who knows - maybe 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣!!! 

By winter ❄️ time my beautiful wife and co-pilot of this amazing ship Kristina and I will be putting together a full Associate & Group Doctor Training Program. It's gonna be damn good. Really good! 

And, it's gonna be 💯 free for PX Members. Not thousands of dollars 💵 . Free. 

For just $145-$295 a month we train the best of the best Pediatric Chiropractors on the planet, and we train them to grow and explode 🔥 their practices! And holy crap hundreds and soon thousands are doing just that, and as a result... needing associates and our system bad! 

It's coming and it won't be an "add on" - it will simply, powerfully be an "add in" - and we can't wait! 

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