3 Straight πŸ”₯ ROF Tips

1. Bring More Inspiration and Enthusiasm than Information and Education

As absolutely obsessed chiropractic philosophy and science nerds πŸ€“ , so many of us immediately fall into the trap of wanting to dive deep into the 3️⃣3️⃣ principles, science of subluxation 🧠 , our fancy digital x-rays, or go hard at explaining Thermal DTG, Surface EMG, and HRV!

That is an absolutely wonderful plan to take IF you're teaching CEs to a room full of chiropractors, but you're not. You are speaking to a parent.

A parent who has been completely beat up, inundated, and overwhelmed (yet underwhelmed at the same time) by the traditional medical system πŸ₯Ό, and probably biomedical and natural 🌱 medical world already.

They've already had all the blood 🩸 work, lab tests, genetic 🧬 testing, MRIs, EEGs, and more... and yet they have NOT yet found the Hope, Answers, and Help they seek to get their child well.

Therefore what they need from you more than anything else during this visit is an obsessive, almost obscene amount of enthusiasm, confidence, empowerment πŸ’ͺ , certainty, and energy‼️

Extra Pro Tip -- do far less with your exam! You're a doctor of the Central and Autonomic Nervous System 🧠 . Rock an exam that looks deep into that, and that alone. If you're adding in all sorts of therapy exams like visual πŸ‘€ testing, primitive reflexes πŸ–Œ, vestibular and balance tests, etc... you are instantly and quickly moving the parent's focus OFF of the CNS/ANS and thus OFF of chiropractic and onto other therapeutic modalities. Plus, you'll have no choice but to absolutely overwhelm and inundate them with all the information πŸ“ you then have to jam into the ROF.


2. Focus Almost πŸ’― on the Future and Healing Potential πŸ™Œ of their Child!

They already understand all the problems and challenges their child has. They showed up looking for help FOR THEM.

Also, they've had plenty of other doctors πŸ₯Ό focus entirely on the negative, problems, and challenges... and likely leave them with pretty crappy πŸ’© prognosis and plans.

Additionally, you should've already dug deep into their problems, challenges, and goals in the Day 1 Consult. Meaning even for you, talking about their past and problems should be done βœ… .

They are there to move forward and have a better future, talk about that the whole damn time during your ROF!

3. Don't Water 🚿 It Down - Tell the Truth!

This is where so many Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Chiropractors get so close... yet end up still so far away.

We absolutely wuss out on Care Plans.

We use a "Let's start 1-2x per week and see how it goes" model of Care Planning, made "popular" sadly long ago... and the problem perpetuates in the profession still today.

If you've studied the science of subluxation 🧠 and the Perfect Storm πŸŒͺ neurological pathway even a little bit, then you know that our kids and families today are most subluxated than ever.

So if you're still recommending care in the 1-2x per week range, and 12-36 visit range for most... you're really, really missing the mark.

This last part isn't judgement on you doc. None of it is.

I've legit been there, done βœ… all of this in my first few years of practice. I was fully Pediatric Certified πŸ‘¨‍πŸŽ“ , yet completely clueless on the art of Communication and Care Planning.

But not anymore! I sought out help, training, and support... and got my πŸ’© figured out when it comes to these absolutely crucial elements of our jobs!

If you struggle with ROF Communication, Conversions, and Care Planning even a little bit... install these 3️⃣ Tips and get to work! And if you need more help, simply reach out. I can help πŸ™Œ !


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