36 First

When I first got into practice and serving kids and families, I was so excited to not only introduce them to chiropractic and get their nervous systems :brain: restored and rocking again… but having completely transformed my lifestyle and received a certification in family wellness, I wanted it also get them started on basically EVERYTHING in that wellness world :broccoli: :woman-running: world immediately as well! 

My intentions were awesome. But the application failed, miserably. 

I not only overwhelmed :open_mouth: parents and patients with trying to learn and DO all of that at once… but I also entirely overwhelmed their healing + restoration pathways as well. 

The take home here is just flat out based in neurology :brain: and it's practical application — subluxation disconnects and exhausts the entire nervous system. 

The longer it's been there, the most exhausted the system is… and the LESS you should do when first starting to try and help that patient out. 

As good-intentioned, wealth-of-wellness-knowledge chiros… we get so excited to help :raised_hands:, we far too often overdue it and overwhelm the already exhausted healing system. 

So now we have a rule at our practice — 36 first. 

We don't just wait 12 adjustments :raised_hands: and 30 days, we give #chiropractic and neurology 90 days and at least 36 adjustments the adequate time (Principle Number 6) :alarm_clock: it needs to have a chance to heal. 

This “Perspective Post” is a challenging one for most of us with the way we've been told and trained to practice, but try it on for the last half of the year and I promise you… you'll be blown away :exploding_head: by the clinical results you get!


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