Care Planing -> Life Time Care for Babies πŸ‘Ά! 2 πŸ”‘s that will TRANSFORM your Retention! πŸ”₯

Alright PX crew! The PX Care Plan Builder is active and rocking! 🎸 But in no way will this stop us from going deeper, analyzing more, and sharing the principles that got us to this point! 

So, let’s be honest for a minute. How many of us have had a “gut check” moment when talking to a mom and dad about a 2 to 3 month (or beyond) care plan for their little one? ❓ It’s not the easiest thing to explain to a mom and dad the need for a longer and more frequent Care Plan for their under 6 month son or daughter πŸ‘ΆπŸ» when they are new to chiropractic.

Well, this deep dive 🀿 is meant to change that! Create that EASE in your certainty and communication. And along with the Care Plan Builder to give you the utmost confidence in walking into that report and having mom and dad leaving feeling maximum confidence. We are letting them know they are in the right place to meet their goals and get them beyond that care plan to lifelong wellness! 

Here is the other variable in all of it, Mom and Dad’s stress level 😫…with all of their focus on baby they are stressed and subluxated, and often times it’s to the max. How many times in your practice have you gotten the baby better and mom and dad are so thankful, appreciative, and straight-up dancing only to “wait and see” on wellness care as they are now in a “good place?"

Now, tons of ways to get around this from table talk, Raising Health Kids workshops, inviting them to the Perfect Storm πŸŒͺ, and straight texting them testimonials. And all are AMAZING! But two keys πŸ”‘ have stayed constant from years of experience at PWC. Here's what keeps babies under care into wellness and beyond:


But before we tackle getting mom and dad scanned and adjusted (that will be part 2!), let’s jump into the details of Care planning Babies as RESULTS WILL ALWAYS RULE! 

Infants and babies will be your absolute favorite to build care plan for because you don’t get a ton of surprises...what you see (in scans) or hear (from mom) in history is what you get!

This is why for life findings, when you ask about pregnancy🀰🏻, birth, eating, sleeping😴, pooping and calm you get an accurate/recent snapshot of the autonomic system, the “beginning to develop” motor system and not a whole lot of “layers” of stress are hidden or forgotten about.

Due to less layers, less time “accumulation wise” in stress, most babies get “shorter length” of care plans than older kiddos - normally between 2 and 3 months.  You don’t have to unwind multiple layers of subluxation and chase it down/around and out like in many Perfect Storm kiddos or adults. Plus, the motor system isn’t an extra variable the body needs to work through to heal! We get to influence the nervous system BEFORE it gets to that developmental point of weight-bearing and fighting gravity! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Now for frequency... I like to think of this in terms of a percent of time of life in a stressed pattern. If mom had a stressed pregnancy, difficult birth, and the baby started out with torticollis, not sleeping, colic, he may only be 3 months old but 100% of that 3 months (and earlier when in utero) has been stuck in stress ❌! That PATTERN is MORE DEEPLY rooted as that is all his nervous system knows...thus it’s going to take more frequency to unlock it. (Notice I didn’t say adjust more at each visit...that will absolutely overdo it and send babies system into a tailspin). Less input within a repetitive frequency is the perfect balance to change pattern.

Let's contrast a “stuck in stress” baby to the 6 year old who falls off his bike and subluxates his neck but has been under wellness care for a few years - we’ve all seen it...the wellness kiddo will respond and recover in 2-3 adjustments over a week's time and be back down to 1x a week care with beautiful scans. Not a deep rooted pattern as that fall (a minor stressor) equaled maybe 1% of that kiddos lifetime pattern.

The second point you will love about care planning for babies is so so often their scans and history match up! Tells you right where to go and get into that primary quick! A great review of this is Dr. Tony’s, “Everything you need to know about scan interp in 10 minutes” video. πŸŽ₯

Watch That Video Here 

Every little one's care plan is unique, but following the above line of thinking, Care Plan Builder rankings (Link to Care Plan Builder Content Here) and principles here’s how it breaks down into 3 categories:

  1. Babies who are really “stuck” (scans + history/story) end up going daily for 1st week. Think rough birth, massive Torticollis, colic, not sleeping, eating, or pooping...they need a big pattern shift. Then, when shifted, based on “soft signs” and scans, drop down to 3x a wk for 1-2 months.

  2. Babies who have 1-2 system/process “stuck” (ie. poor plumber who is struggling with reflux and constipation, or a baby who is colicky and won’t sleep) PLUS scans match that. Then go 3x a week to start...most commonly for 2 months - possibly 3 AND if lots of prenatal/birth stress be sure to add 3-6 weeks at 2x a week to “step down” before 1x a week wellness.

  3. “Wellness Babies.” Most of time these are moms who were under care during pregnancy, had a great birth story, “clearish”/well adaptive scans and symptom wise not anywhere near the struggle bus 🚌! These babies are ones where mom gets a high five πŸ™Œ and they go on the family wellness plan with the caveat that we need to see them 2x a week for 3 to 6 weeks just to give them the absolute best start possible. Plus with mom being postpartum and her scans likely looking a bit crazier from birth and caring for new baby πŸ‘Ά she’s NEEDS to boost up to 2x a week as well! 

Then tie this Clinical reasoning to their stories. They love the honesty/detail and most of all love a happy, calm, SLEEPING 😎, growing, and developing baby! 

Whew! #1 GET RESULTS βœ…


Now take that same science integrated with their story and apply it to mom and dad. Plant the seed 🌱 at Day 2, if they don’t bite... keep entering the conversation during table talk and if that doesn’t work do this…


Because truthfully, they just aren’t ready YET at Day 2 or even within the first few adjustments! 

From a parents perspective here’s why...

The most important thing in the world to them is about to start something new that they are unfamiliar with and couple that “protection” mode of baby on top of the already stressful life they came in with, its no wonder they won’t think about taking care of themselves…YET!!!

So,when baby is doing great and sleeping better after 3 or 4 visits… 


And at the first progress report when baby is ear infection free… 


And when baby is ready to transition to wellness care…

You guessed it ASK THEM AGAIN! πŸ”₯

And when that gets old…

Find a more creative way to ASK THEM AGAIN πŸ˜‚

As to not leaving all you hanging at this point πŸ˜‰… I'll share our creative way to continue to ask in May and June that we have used super successfully for the last 3-4 years at PWC! 

Mother's Day and Father's Day! 

We pour the love on mom the week of Mother's Day with a Flower 🌷, small lip balm, or coffee β˜•οΈ card and attach these two coupons. Another one for a complimentary scan if she has a child under care and one to give a friend for a $47 scan.

We Repeat this in June with 2 coupons to a grill spatula for Dad and a more forceful “Get adjusted Bro” kick! πŸ₯ΎπŸ˜‰

And each and every year we get 10-20 parents that get scanned, get healthy, and tag along with baby or kids for a much longer time than the baby or kids alone! 

Check your email to download these 2 coupons! So please use this entry point, but above all don’t forget to Personally ASK AGAIN too! 

Mom and Dad under care completes the cycle from Care Plan -> Results -> Life Time Retention! 

You’ve got this! And in true community fashion lets share other “creative” entry points to get mom and dad scanned and adjusted in the comments and within our PX community!



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