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Gain an unfair advantage with this 6-Week PX
Startup Challenge + Playbook!


Calling all Students and Startups!

In just 6 weeks, Dr. Tony, Team PX and special guests will guide you through the ultimate startup playbook— Resulting in a proven Pediatric & Family Practice business plan. 

At the end of this challenge you will have gained absolute clarity on NOT only what it takes, but HOW you will accomplish it. We leave no stone unturned!

What do you say? Are you in?

What's included in this Startup Challenge? 

  • 6-Weeks of Live Training
  • Physical Startup Playbook
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Lifetime Access to the Recordings
  • Guest Interviews
  • Bonus! PX Members Only 2023 Planning Summit Access!
  • and much more! (see below) 

Here is what we'll be uncovering each week of the challenge. This schedule covers everything you'll need to get your practice off the ground!

Building Your Foundation

We kick off with establishing a WHY not HOW mindset while designing your ultimate mission and vision.

Certainty + Clarity

Results speak louder than words. Back up your marketing by getting world-class clinical results.

Marketing + Branding

Here is where you'll learn to not just stand out but how to build a marketing engine that brings patients to your door!


Learn how we see thousands of kiddos and families each month and why getting this right means everything for you as the owner.

Live 2023 Planning Summit

Get exclusive access and sit in on our 2023 annual planning summit!

Communications + Conversions

Outside of your certainty, communication gives you the direct ability scale your practice more than anything else.

Bringing it All Together

Put on your CEO hat for this one and we'll wrap up your business plan once and for all in our final week!


Dear Future Hope Dealer,

If you're about to get started on your journey — You've arrived at the right spot! 🙌

Because what I'm inviting you to do is make a swift move towards what I call the ‘Practice of the Future’ for chiropractic! Actually heck, it’s the practice of here and NOW!

You have the opportunity to take advantage of the most high demand, and one of the hottest commodities in all of health care – neurologically-focused, pediatric + family chiropractic.

As I wrote this playbook, my phone and DMs blew up with messages from our Pediatric Experience docs asking for help finding them kick-ass associates. They are blowing up 🔥 so dang fast in practice right now, many are hiring two new docs at the same time.

What does that mean for YOU? Opportunity.

For real, it’s never been easier to build a badass, thriving family practice! You can slay it right from the start, have a ton of fun, and make an enormous impact in your community!

AND if you go at it hard enough, you can join us in making a massive impact all around the freaking world 🌎 as we take pediatric chiropractic viral through our online platform and dominate with SEO and social media!

But know this right from the jump doc – just because it’s easier than ever, doesn’t mean it’s actually easy.

You’ll still have to work hard, give it all you’ve got, and face plenty of days where you go home dead tired and worn out.

But guess what comes along with that feeling in this work? Joy, happiness, reward, and the greatest feeling ever – IMPACT 💥! 

Your job will be going room to room adjusting infants, kids, and full families and seeing their entire lives transform right in front of your very eyes, and through your very hands 🙌!

Who the heck gets to do that for an entire career? Oh yeah, we do! 😉

And let’s just get this extra rad part out of the way as well – you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

Not only is this Pediatric Experience practice model the path to making an incredible impact, it’s also the one that will lead to you building an incredible life for yourself and your family!

I feel strongly that we should be the most well paid (value exchange) 💰 practitioners in all of health care, and we’re well on our way.

Before finally sitting down to write this Startup Playbook for the profession, I’ve mentored over 1000 students and startups already, sharing with them all the pieces and parts of this playbook (just not in as organized of a fashion 😝). Each of them is absolutely blowing me away with the size and speed of their success!

The interns, associates, and other young docs we’ve been able to mentor and guide through our combined efforts of PWC and PX are doing things in just 3-5 years that took me 10+ to figure out.

And that’s the entire point of writing this playbook. To make chiropractic the first choice for families, we need to leave the ladder down and help others climb faster and farther than ever before.

I’ve shared with them both the mistakes I’ve made, and then the successes that we’ve had as well. My wife Kristina (the rockstar who’s built this beast alongside me from day one) and I have always just simply shared everything… the good, the bad, and everything in between.

And I’m going to do that in this playbook as well. And actually start with the bad.

Once I first make the case for how important your vision and your WHY really are, I’m going to get the mistakes and hard-learned lessons out of the way.

And here’s why – so that just like all the interns and startups we’ve already mentored, you can skip right past them and never get slowed down and sent sideways like we did!

If you try and go at it alone, you 10X your chance of struggle. And if you choose the wrong mentor, you 10X your chance of going down a road not really meant for you.

Our prayer and our plan is that you choose to get this playbook for one singular, clear reason – you want to slay it as a Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Chiropractor! You want a neurologically-focused, subluxation-based, principled, all cash, crazy fun 🙌, thriving family practice!

   - Dr. Tony

The Startup Playbook Covers it All

Dr. Tony poured out everything he wish he would have known starting out in this ultimate startup playbook.

Learn the exact strategies to slay it as a startup!

  • 150 + Pages of Written and Illustrated Startup 🔥 Content Ready to Help You Crush It!
  • End-of-Section Action ‘Homework’ Assignments
  • Our Proven Social Media Posting Guide (Built into the Marketing Chapter)
  • Never-Before-Published Whiteboard Strategy Sketches by Dr. Tony
  • The PX Trusted Toolkit & Resource Guide
  • and so much more!!

See what's included in this book...

📖 Chapter 1

Mission, Vision, & Mentorship

📖 Chapter 2

The Key to Brand Building

📖 Chapter 3

Certainty and Clinical Results

📖 Chapter 4

Getting New Patients

📖 Chapter 5

Systems and Procedures

📖 Chapter 6

Communication and Conversions

📖 Chapter 7

Putting It All Together

📖 Chapter 8

Big Picture Thinking

Each Chapter Packed with Real-World Strategies, Stories & Action Steps

Walk alongside Dr. Tony as he takes your through these 8 fundamental chapters covering everything from...

  • Creating a Vision for YOU that's worth pursuing every day
  • The 5 Core Brand Building Musts for developing a great practice foundation
  • The exact Care Planning Framework to create life-changing clinical results
  • The Dangers of Diluting Your Brand with additional service offerings
  • Master the PX Clinical Decision Making Process
  • Learn how to get new patients in the door, on repeat!
  • The Core 4 Marketing Must Do's (don't skip any!)
  • The 3 Types of Social Media Content + weekly calendar
  • How to Live a Healthy, Happy and Fulfilling Life in the midst of the startup life
  • The Perfect "Avatar" Hire to build out your team
  • Finding & Building Out your office space
  • Setting up Office Hours and Scheduling
  • Communicating to moms & dads effectively with our "Communication Framework" 
  • Set goals & learn to Triple the Average Practice Milestones in record time


Weekly Trainings + Guest Interviews

While you read, join alongside Dr. Tony, Kristina and others as they breakdown the principles of creating a winning startup formula.

Hear from others like Dr. Tony and how they overcame obstacles, proven systems and how to thrive in your new practice.

Weekly Live Trainings with Dr. Tony & Kristina

Walk alongside Dr. Tony & Kristina as they discuss key takeaways & stories through each chapter.

Guest Interviews with Startup Docs

Learn how other Docs have grown their practice with insights, stories and tips they've learned along the way!

Real-World Growth Frameworks

Dive deep into these core principles that will help you design a practice with predictable (and fun!) growth.


Not only is this book the best avenue for opening our own office, but it is so specific to pediatrics that it feels impossible to fail. We love that there are videos that partner with the book as well and get down into the nitty gritty details that nobody else talks about. Thanks for creating something SO AFFORDABLE and resourceful for anyone who wants to open a rockstar office. We felt lost in all of the options and ways to open an office, but this answers so many of our questions!

Jonah and Allie Wright

Start Up Playbook + Course

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Startup Challenge for Pediatric Practices

Hot off the shelves! This brand new (although years in the making) playbook + 6-week challenge is the perfect bundle to get as you jump into your own practice and kick off a strong 2023.

Learn the exact framework used by Dr. Tony and his team to grow the largest peds + family practice! 

Join Dr. Tony, Kristina and others on this 6-Week challenge that will add absolute clarity to crushing it as a peds + family practice!

Join the Startup Challenge for Pediatric Practices


Physical Book + Weekly Training

  • 150 + pages taking out ALL of the guesswork
  • Weekly Action ‘Homework’ Assignments
  • Weekly 'LIVE' Step-by-Step Trainings by Dr. Tony & Kristina
  • Private FB Group for Challenge Participants
  • Interviews with Docs
  • Playbook Sketches & Frameworks
  • [Bonus] 2023 PX Planning Summit
  • Toolkit & Resource Guide

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Meet Your Guides

PWC's very own will walk alongside and guide you, using the same systems, processes, teachings, and leadership training & guidance that every startup needs to know

Dr. Tony Ebel

You will not find a more passionate, practical, and tactical teacher than Dr. Tony! His leadership role at PWC has taught him valuable lessons in , building from the bottom up, hiring, training, and managing the largest peds-focused practice. As a doc and owner himself, his passion for helping other chiropractors find similar success is an ongoing passion. Oh, and some say his jokes 😂 are just as legendary!

Kristina Ebel

There's a reason she's the Chief Excellence Officer. The 13+ years of running the PWC practice has shown Kristina that sometimes you have to sweat the small stuff. 😝 No matter the size of the team or your vision, the steps to creating an absolutely thriving peds & family practice are the same. She's excited to bring those to life in an organized, efficient and impactful way for you.

A Few More Questions You May Have...

Let's Do This!

Every Kid Counts, Every Family Counts & Every Chiro Counts!

I've taught thousands of chiropractors these exact frameworks and I can't wait to teach you too as a startup!

Our Mission

To train and equip 1000+ certain, skilled, and wildly impactful Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Chiropractors and Teams.